Update to Raspberry Pi as a media server and torrent box.
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Meghalaya Trip 3 – Living Root Bridges

We started drive to Cherrapunji (East Khasi Hills) next morning and stopped at Elephant Falls on the way. It was probably a great place some time back, but now it’s a typical touristy spot swarming with people who get tired even while walking down 12-14 steps. Most of the place is covered with concrete and pathways over the stream. That time the place was full of aunties wearing pungent perfumes, pot-bellied uncles, ugly whining children and selfie sessions everywhere.
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Meghalaya Trip 2 – Shillong
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Meghalaya Trip – 1 – Yayavar

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First installment of Meghalaya travelogue
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Kasol Graahan Trip
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Kasol, Graahan Trip – Yayavar

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Kasol, Graahan Trip

This is going to be a short entry about our trip to Kasol in first week of May 2016. I still haven’t finished 2 more travelogues, so thought that of finishing up the shorter ones first.
This time we had wifey’s cousin and her husband for company. Lets call them SS and AM. After the last trip with one other cousin (ACB from Spiti trip), I was somewhat wary of traveling with other people who have no idea about how we like to travel. It’s also because the Spiti trip “scared” ACB so much that he has sworn off almost all trips with us which involve walking for more than 1 hour in a day. Can’t say that I blame him. But Kasol was supposed to be a place to relax and just wander around and the plans were made with all four of us going there for 4-5 days.
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Pinaka – Chapter 8 – Yayavar

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Pinaka – Chapter 8
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