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Military Installation : Shamsi Airbase, Pakistan

Name: Shamsi Airfield (Bhandari Airstrip)

Type: Airstrip first leased to UAE for hunting wildlife, then to USA for military operations.

Location: Washuk District, Balochistan, Pakistan.

Coordinates: 27°50’51.00″N 65° 9’35.63″E

Occupants: It was used by USA as a base for Predator drones from 2001 till 2011. Leased by UAE from 1992-2001. Now presumably controlled by Pakistan FC.

Comments: Shamsi Airfield caught my interest in particular due to the fact that no new imagery is available since after 2014. Another point of interest is it’s use by USA from 2001 till 2011 as a base for armed Predator drones which were used in counter terrorism attacks in nearby areas. USA vacated this base after frictions arising due to American raids inside Pakistani territory leading to deaths of 24 Paki armymen. This base for previously under control of UAE which used it for falconry trips.
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Military Installation : Peshawar Airbase, Pakistan

Name: Peshawar Airbase

Type: Military airbase with an adjacent civilian airport.

Location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa., Pakistan.

Coordinates: 33°59’57.74″N 71°30’53.90″E

Occupants: No. 26 and 16 squadrons of PAF operating JF-17 fighters
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Military Installation : Sukkur Airfield, Pakistan

Name: Sukkur Airport (IATA: SKZ, ICAO: OPSK)

Type: FOB (Forward Operating Base) and a small domestic airport.

Location: Sindh, Pakistan.

Coordinates: 27°43′19″N 68°47′30″E
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Military Installations on Google Earth

This is an index post for a project collecting Google Earth imagery of military installations around the world, specially those of China and Pakistan. This post will have the list of posts created with post tag Google Earth.
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Mystery of BJP candidates winning in muslim majority constituencies of UP 2017 elections.

Following note is a collection of data points to disprove that muslims of Uttar Pradesh have risen above their petty, ignorant mindset and voted for progress instead of behaving like the islamist votebank which they’ve been doing so since the beginning. Some journalists were whining that BJP had not fielded even one single muslim candidate in Uttar Pradesh and were insinuating that muslims have voted for BJP based on fact that Hindu candidates of BJP have won is some muslim majority constituencies. Even some BJP leaders made vague remarks which felt like they thought that muslims have rejected Anti-BJP parties (or ABP in short. Clubbing all non-BJP parties as such because all these parties do is to present themselves as ant-BJP, anti-Modi ) in favour of development. By making such statements, BJP politicians as well as supporters are doing themselves a great disservice as it ignores the consolidation of Hindu vote which favours patriotism, development and welfare of the whole country and wrongly praises muslim polity which favours only sops and criminal appeasement.

Going further, such statements by so called secular journalists only reinforces the notion that muslims don’t want non-muslims as their representatives just like Jinnah did when he asked for Pakistan. Ironically by making such statements these sold out media pimps are just stating the obvious truth which most ignorant people try to ignore that muslims have and will always behave as an anti-Hindu islamist votebank rather than vote on basis of development based issues.
Below is a list of some muslim majority constituencies where Hindu candidates of BJP have scored victories. If you don’t want to read and process the numbers, then read the following 6 points:

1) BJP’s Hindu candidates in muslim majority constituencies have won by very thin margins of 1% to 15% or have polled less than 50% of votes.
2) Their vote ratio statistics are more or less in line with Hindu muslim demographics of the constituency.
3) The victories of these Hindu candidates is a result of anti-BJP vote being divided between two or more muslim candidates fielded by SP-Cong and BSP..
4) It is quite certain that muslim voters have voted only for muslim candidates or for ABPs without exception. The number of “secular muslim” votes to BJP is very small to negligible.
5) Wherever muslim vote fragmentation has not occurred, ABPs have won.
6) Indics should realise that “all religions are equal” slogan is believed only by them, Going by their voting patterns and actions, Abrahamics in general have no such pretensions.

I am too lazy to make a table in HTML, so the data is presented in following fashion:

1) Constituency Name
Winning BJP candidate, number of votes.
1st runner up , number of votes,
2nd runner up , number of votes.

1) Kanth.
Rajesh Kumar Singh. BJP 76307.
Aneesurrehman, SP 73959
Mohd Nasir BSP 43820
2) Meerapur.

Avtar Singh Bhadana BJP 69,035
Liyakat Ali SP 68,842
Nawazish Alam Khan BSP 39,689
3) Baheri .

Chhatra Pal Singh BJP 108,846
Naseem Ahmad BSP 66,009
Ata Ur Rehman SP 63,841
4) Utraula.

Ram Pratap BJP 85,240
Arif Anwar Hashmi SP 56,066
Parvez Ahmad BSP 44,799

5) Deoband
Brijesh BJP 102,244
Majid Ali BSP 72,844
Mavia Ali SP 55,385

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Charging DSLR camera batteries by solar panel while traveling

Ever since I bought a camera, batteries have been an issue specially while traveling. A fully charged DSLR battery is enough for up to 1000 photos or more if used properly. But in places without electricity like when camping and cold weather, battery charge is an issue. I found out during my last trip to Lahaul Spiti that batteries lose their charge in cold weather much faster even when not in use and specially with long exposure shots. So I’ve been looking for a way to charging DSLR batteries while traveling without access to electric supply. There is some information on internet, but nothing really useful. Most people just prefer carrying 3-4 extra batteries or a complicated setup of wires and adapters for the purpose..

But I found 2 gadgets which make camera battery charging much easier with minimal amount of work and expense required. So there is no cutting, joining wires or similar work, just simple plug and play.
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