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Halebeedu rock cut temples are the architectural marvels of india. Each inch of space is carved with passion and perfection.
To quote my Dad – If we have money – We can build 100 Pyramids, 100 great Walls and a dozen Taj Mahals but no one can replicate Belur in any part of the world as there is no Vishnu Vardhan to imagine it and no Jakkanna to carve it
Jakkanna was the sculpture who carved it and i bet everyone knows about Michael Angelo while no one knows about Jakkanaa.[ Infact SS Rajamouli is called as Jakkanna in Telugu ]
Vishnu Vardhan’s wife Shantala Devi was a beautiful woman and a great dancer and many of the dancing sculptures in Halebeedu and Belur are modelled on her.
So my Dad thought – if a girl is born is born – i will name her Shantala and if a boy is born I will name him Vishnu Vardhan
Vishnu Vardhan’s original name was Bitti Deva. He was a jain King.
Ramanujacharya of VishistaAdvaitha fame, perhaps the most influential hindu guru after Sankara was touring India preaching his Vaishnava Bhakti tradition
He converted BittiDeva into Sanathan Dharma and gave him the name Vishnu Vardhan [Blessing of Lord Vishnu]
Ramanuja is for Sanathan Dharma what Thomas Acquinas is for Christianity
He gave intellectual basis for Bhakti Tradition and popularised Vishnu or Vaishanava bhakti tradition. He brought back vigour and intellect to Sanatan Dharma and brought back Hinduism in most parts of South India which were under huge influence of Jainism and Buddhism.
India was a great place at that time with thriving traditions of Saivism, Vaishnavism, Jainism and Buddhism.
Srirangam temple, Tirupati Tirumala temples are all based on Ramanujacharya teachings
Inspired by Ramanujcharya – Vishnu Vardhan built great temples of Halebeedu and Belur on Lord Vishnu and his Ten Avatars.
Vishnu Vardhan capital was DwaraSamudra and Halebeedu temple which is in ruins today was original Dwarasamudra.
It is more bigger and greater temple than well preserved Belur temple.
200 years after these great temples were built Allauddin Khilji came to power and changed everything – he sent Malik Kafur [Naib] to conquer south India in 1310. Malik Kafur [he was hindu who was castrated and converted to islam and sold as slave to Khilji.He is supposed to a lover of Khilji) .TO quote medieval historian Zainuddin Bharani – In those four or five years when the Sultan was losing his memory and his senses, he had fallen deeply and madly in love with the Malik Naib. He had entrusted the responsibility of the government and the control of the servants to this useless, ungrateful, ingratiate, sodomite]
Kafur destroyed South India – Pandyas, Kakatiyas, HOysalas and Yadavas. He destroyed Hindu temples and ravaged South India. While he was destroying DwaraSamudra the local people covered Belur temple in Sand and hence he couldn’t destroy it. Hence it survives to this day. And the more marvelous Dwarasamudra is lost for ever. Hence it is called as halebeedu [Old ruin] today

Now tell me – Why do Hindus dont read about Ramanuja while every Christian reads Thomas Aquinas and defends Christianity based on his writings. His logic is taught in every university logic course. In fact i read Acquinas to learn logic. WHere are Ramanuja books in English or other languages ? The only person I know who can talk about Ramanuja is Kaza Venkat Father.

Why are Indians not taught about Vishnu Vardhan or Belur while Shajahan and Tajmahal is given so much importance that many people in the world know only about India because of Taj Mahal.

India has 100s of architectural wonders like Taj. But just as we reduced Indian freedom to one man Gandhi and made him Dad of Nation. We have reduced all our culture architecture to Taj Mahal and all our history to folklore of Mughal kings

And we have totally forgotten our great philosophers. As an Indian i think everyone should see Belur in their life time and it is so unfortunate that Govt or tourism hardly gives any importance to it and they are not even maintianed properly.
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When I was buying a Ganesh idol in Thailand, the seller started explaining its significance. He was shocked when I told him that I already knew. He thought India was an Islamic country.
Same Thailand, the sidewalk restaurant guys would pull me to their stalls, saying come, come, Halal, Halal.
This is all because of Tajmahal.
Congress’s India always presented the Muslim artifacts to the world to establish our identity, essentially dismissing our cultural heritage. So, every foreigner wants to visit the Tajmahal. There are at least 100 structures that are far superior to the Taj.
Despite all the destruction by the invaders, India still has thousands of monuments. These amazing structures, however, have no public toilets, no security, no maintenance, and no hotels in the area for tourists. The locals pee on their walls.
I like Thailand because their Ayodhya was not destroyed and Ram is the most revered word there.
|| उत्थिष्ठ भारत ||
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A FB friend who is an academic abroad asked an interesting question. Does fighting for the Hindu cause have any impact upon your health? He was surprised that in so many answers, a different issue came up, that people feel constrained to be silent about their positions because that impacts their professional lives very badly. There are genuine negative consequences to being openly right wing, even now. I thought yeah so what else is new and let it be.
But today on another friends wall I saw a comment, that a colleague who was a classical singer and Sanskrit scholar felt constrained to hide it for fear that people will think her a dehati. I was a corporate trainer for over two decades and twice I came upon senior executives who hid the fact they were trained classical musicians and singers. Western Classical is fine Indian is backward.

In 1992 I had just moved to Mumbai with no support system living in a hovel and working as a wage slave. One asshole at work found I supported the Ram Mandir and tried to get me fired. When I was a trainer the greatest fear my employers had at each place was that it would get about that I am not only a Yogi, I know Tarot and Vaastu too. And damn well. But that would destroy my professional credibility apparently. I would be instantly slotted as Dubeji Pandeji level as one of them so kindly explained to me.

The greatest achievement of the Nehruvian Idea of India barbarism was to demonize the word Hindu. Anything that had a Hindu perspective was instantly communal and dangerous and needed weeding out. I am sure every person can give similar stories. The brainwashing has been so deep, when I made my famous post on Honoring the Vertical Man, one of my followers shared it and instantly he was criticized by a Hindu lady in the US for sharing a communal view. Some hopeless mangina chimed in approving it. The person who shared was patient enough to explain and to the credit of the lady she accepted the explanation. I post the screenshot for your edification. She was just triggered by the word Hindu, that automatically meant communal prejudice.

Such is our reality.
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How can Liberals fool Rich Illiterates and their generations ?
Illiteracy at its peak.

When was Sikh Riots happened ?
Who did that ?
Congress and Delhi Leaders specially Sajjan Singh and Jagdish Tytler on the command of Gandhi Dynasty.

Where was Modi ?
Somewhere in Gujarat Village.
Now Read this Image and Think about the propaganda Power.
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The Times Group

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`I hate Hindus, wanted to spark communal tensions’

Two months after claiming harassment by an auto driver over his office bag, Barun Kashyap sings a different tune during custodial interrogation; political conspiracy angle being probed too
Film executive Barun Kashyap, who sparked a huge controversy in August after claiming that an auto driver bullied him accusing him of using a bag made of cowhide, spun a web of lies to disrupt communal harmony in Mumbai.
This sensational revelation came during Kashyap’s interrogation in police custody. In a confessional statement, Mirror accessed a copy, the creative director with a media house said his `hatred for Hindus’ prompted him to come up with the story.

“I accept that I lied about the entire incident. No such incident ever took place. My Facebook post was a lie,“ reads the statement. To questions by cops about the reason for such a bluff, the 24-year-old said, “I lied because have hatred towards Hindus.“

According to the police, Kashyap’s intention was to play victim to gau rakshaks (cow vigilantes) and share his `plight’ to disrupt communal harmony in Mumbai as well as across the country.

In a complaint to the D N Nagar police on August 19, Kashyap, who lives opposite the Infinity Mall in Andheri, said he boarded an auto for his office around 11 am. During the commute, the professional said, the driver said his leather bag was stinking and asked if it was made of cowhide.

Despite telling that it was camel skin, the autowallah stopped the three-wheeler at some place and returned with three men who heck led him, Kashyap alleged. “Aaj toh bach gaye [you were saved today],“ he told the cops quoting the men.

The film executive, who hails from Assam, also narrated the incident in a Facebook post, raising a storm and putting immense pressure on the government to act.Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had then said that the culprits won’t be spared.


As the police began to investigate Kashyap’s allegations, they found that the film executive left home at 1 pm, not 11 am as claimed by him, and took nine minutes to reach his office. “We collected footage of CCTV cameras installed on the entire stretch. We discovered that it was a smooth ride and the auto did not stop even for a minute. It was beyond doubt that he had lied to us.That is why we registered a case against him,“ said Deven Bharti, joint commissioner of police (law and order).


The police are also probing if Kashyap’s allegations were part of a political conspiracy. “The fact that after the case was registered against Barun, he approached Aam Aadmi Party leader Priti Sharma Menon and stayed at her Chembur home for two days indicates a lot of things.The question is why he approached a political party for legal assistance.Was this a pre-planned agenda,“ asked a senior police officer.


The Amboli police, which probed the case, are likely to file the charge sheet in a few days, said sources.Kashyap, who was arrested on October 4 and is currently lodged in Arthur Road prison, has been booked under section 153A (promoting enmity between groups) and 182B (for use of lawful power of a public servant to injure or annoy any person) of the Indian Penal Code.

If convicted by a court, he can face jail up to five years. Sources said the cops will also record the statement of the #AAP leader.
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5 times Rajdeep Sardesai was absolutely decimated while recording an interview

Controversial journalist Rajdeep Sardesai who currently is working with the India Today group, has interviewed many celebrities and VIPs in his career but in most of the instances, the guests objected to Rajdeep’s attitude, his mannerisms and choice of questions.

This side of Rajdeep again came into public limelight after former President Pranab Mukherjee chastised him during a recent interview.

In this interview which aired on 13th October, Rajdeep is seen asking a question, but rather than patiently seeking a reply he kept interrupting Mr Mukherjee. This angered the former president who then took Rajdeep to task, which included asking him to have the necessary courtesy while conducting the interview. All this left Rajdeep fumbling for an apology:
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Maj Gen Gagandeep

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There is an urgent need to take stock of make in India. Make in India is one of the most critical initiatives undertaken by the Modi govt. it is vital that it be implimented at top speed not just to attain strategic autarky but also to CREATE vitally neededJOBS. to see where this project is and what are the impedences it is encountering from the entrenched bureaucracy of the Public sector- IMR team visited Bharat Forge at was a privilege to meet and have frank discussions with BABA Kalyani- The visionary who has single handedly pursued a vision to make a 155 gun in India. the great news is that between him and DRDO we have finally produced a WORLD Beater gun that can fire out to 48 kms range , has a 6 round Burst fire capability and electric propulsion. India has indigenously produced the worlds best 155 gun. We now rapidly need to get this gun in service before the Chinese get to Doklam again!!we need to produce 200 – 300 such guns per year to fill the gaps created over last 30 years by the Bofors scandal. This is the one project that Nirmala Sitaraman must push with the GREATEST vigour to ACTUALISE the make in India concept and take it from pure THEORY to Reality.
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